Writing Samples:
Momentary Fight and Resolution

© 2010, Jeffrey Cranor

1: Greeting and common hand gesture.

2: Acknowledgement of greeting with similar gesture.

1: Rhetorical question lacking meaning?

2: Meaningless response. Same question reiterated.

1: Same answer reiterated. Inquiry into family or family member?

2: White lie that saves time explaining the complicated nuances of lifelong relationships. [beat] Question about recent news or political event?

1: Confirmation of awareness of said event. Statement of uninformed but adamant opinions about said event, which might be received as either righteous or smarmy.

2: Restrained anger toward smarmy statement couched in some reference to the first amendment and the freedom to be a total bonehead.

1: Apparent intuition of this restraint.

2: Passive admission to disagreement.

1: Directly insulting statement.

2: Interrogative to verify insulting statement?

1: Confident re-confirmation of insulting statement.

2: Vulgarity toward you.

1: Vulgarity toward your family or family member mentioned earlier.

2: Punch in the face!

1: Punch in the side of the head!

2: Punch in the ribs!

1: Missed punch that grazes the ear!

3: [entering] Exclamatory! Exclamatory! Physical intervention! Call for peace!

1: Grunts while getting up!

2: Growls while getting up!

3: Loud, forceful scolding with a condescending tone of disappointment.

1: Guilty agreement.

2: Self-conscious, pathetic concurrence.

3: Parent-like powergrab. More scolding and social pressure.

1: Sigh. Half-hearted apology.

2: Breathy reciprocation.

3: Smug grin and guttural noise. Shout that signals the end of a play.