Writing Samples:
Quintessentially Alice: artificial shifts in staged reality (via hand bell), or "ding, part II"

© 2008, Jeffrey Cranor

[JEFFREY and EEVIN stand CS behind a chair. SARAH is in the audience with a handbell. Lights normal.]

JEFFREY: I am ambivalent.
EEVIN: About _______?
JEFFREY: Among/Or other things.

[ding - lights dim by half; EEVIN stands on chair & leans over, as if whispering into JEFFREY's ear]

EEVIN: [normal volume] I hold things against people.
JEFFREY: An unforgiving nature.
EEVIN: Yes. And literally, sometimes I hold things against them.

[ding - stage lights out; floodlight on; EEVIN jumps on and clings to JEFFREY.]

JEFFREY: This is (not) uncomfortable for me.
EEVIN: Me too / Not me.
JEFFREY: I'm glad you're here.

[ding - no lighting change; JEFFREY sits in the chair, with EEVIN still clinging to him. EEVIN leans heavily in one direction (forcefully if necessary). They fall to the ground and remain still.]

[ding - floodlight off; Stage lighting is drastically different - perhaps all red, very dim with a single bright light on the stairs; JILL and ALICIA are standing in the spot holding a carton of eggs and duct tape; They walk US and tape eggs to EEVIN's & JEFFREY's bodies.]

JEFFREY: Who are they?
EEVIN: Jill and Alicia. They're taping eggs to us.
JEFFREY: But deep down, though. Who are they?
EEVIN: Jill and Alicia. They're taping eggs to us.
JEFFREY: But deep down, though.
EEVIN: Jill and Alicia. They're taping eggs to us.

[the last 2 lines repeat over and over until JILL and ALICIA stop taping eggs and stand straight up: ding - lights shift to something else entirely unique (like colors, and/or fluorescents); JILL and ALICIA exit; JEFFREY sits carefully in the chair. EEVIN stands next to him; they face each other.]

JEFFREY: I envy Alice. And the magic of unknowing.
EEVIN: Alice wakes up. That's how it ends.
JEFFREY: It seems nice. To frow unseamfully, dissensically agrift. Made up words and sheeps in boats and talking plants. Allowing consequences to be inconsequential of anything I do. Regardless of what came before. That could be something I would want.
EEVIN: Snap out of it.
JEFFREY: There's no mystery left in the world. [beat] These eggs will have consequences.

[ding - blackout; In the dark: EEVIN walks somewhere offstage; JEFFREY sits in chair; SARAH stands next to chair with a handbell sitting on podium, still in the dark.]

JEFFREY: I can hear you leaving
EEVIN: I'm going to [wherever she's going to].
JEFFREY: I can't see much.
EEVIN: It gets better.
JEFFREY: I can hear that we're moving apart. Literally.
EEVIN: Yep. Better and better.
JEFFREY: Alice was never alone for long. There was always a duchess or a disembodied smile.
EEVIN: Snap out of it.

[ding - all lights up - normal lighting, just like at the beginning]

JEFFREY: [looks at SARAH] How long have you been there?
SARAH: [Says something (anything, really) completely out of context. Preferably this is about 15 to 20 seconds long and is different each night.]
JEFFREY: That doesn't make any sense.
SARAH: Look. I just ring the bell. Okay?

[ding - right as JEFFREY tries to say "okay."]